SOLVER Company Portrait

SOLVER company was founded in 1993 and became the first company in Russia which chose engineering consulting as stream of its activity.


SOLVER Company mission is to create Intelligent Production at Russian machine building enterprises, which means to create highly efficient and highly profitable production.

Our aim is to make business of enterprises, which produce or are ready to produce competitive products, even more successful. Our clients need specific and qualified solutions of their problems and we are ready to offer them.

Setting a task to increase efficiency of enterprises business with the help of enterprises technical re-equipment, most of directors know what output they want to get. However, unfortunately, few of them know the way to reach a set goal and do it cost-efficiently. The more ambitious task is set within technical re-equipment program, the more risks concerning low effective solutions which influence on all levels. Which means that such solutions should be studied in details and be highly reliable.

Here professional consultants must help enterprises. Solver company is specialized in solutions for such problems and has great positive experience in technical re-equipment of enterprises which was gained during execution of hundreds of industrial projects for them.

What does Solver offer?

Engineering consulting is an important and necessary tool for transformation of enterprises. Solver engineering consulting company plays a role of a catalyst for strategic changes of customer enterprises, functioning as a guide during creation of competitive business.

We create high-efficiency on the basis of implementation of:

  • Automated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems;
  • Automated end-to-end design-engineering preproduction systems
  • CAM systems

Introducing of automated systems at customer's enterprise is realized on the basis of supplied by the company up-to-date software/hardware tool packages, production equipment and also on the basis of managing, design and production prototypes, needed by the customer.

When enterprises turn to us in order to solve their production or organizational problems, they can be sure that they won't get only general recommendations and instructions, but will be able to actually improve their production efficiency by realizing joint projects, that will be able to solve these problems.

Solver employees work in close contact with customer specialists: together they create, adopt and document technology for the particular set of products. Thus we cooperate with machine-building enterprises and share the responsibility for the result.

Unique author's methodology

A customer can reduce production cost, time of production output and reach quality required by the market with the help of our unique author's "Three Project" methodology (experimental project, implementation project and industrial project). It may be said that Solver company helps enterprises to eliminate disproportion in organization of their business and lays solid foundation for successful development of the business.

Why are we sure in the result?

Solver has all required infrastructure, experience and means to accomplish tasks set to enterprises. The company includes more than 250 certified specialists who have long-term experience in sphere of machine-building industry: project managers, management consultants, designers and application engineers, service engineers. Solver cooperates with leading manufacturers of equipment, tools and software.

Solver structure includes project and technical centers in Voronezh and Moscow. Also Solver has regional representative offices in Nizhni Novgorod, Tolyatti and Izhevsk.

Project center

  • Project management
  • Project execution
  • Complex automation of production and Product Lifecycle Management
  • Complex automation of design-engineering preproduction
  • Supply enterprises with high-efficiency technological equipment, tools and accessories

Technical center

  • Checking of projects parameters on technological equipment
  • Training of specialist on the basis of existing modern industrial enterprise prototype
  • Subject seminars
  • Presale equipment preparation

Regional centers

  • Local technical project support

Our company traditionally takes a part in the most important Russian and international industrial exhibitions, shows and forums.

SOLVER has approached to the 15-anniversary with new success. More than 540 industrial projects were realized and also more than 445 automated workplaces of designers and applications engineers and 670 units of equipment were implemented by our company.

Thus, solving existing industrial and organizational problems of native enterprises, creating Intelligent production we are building strong Russia.