The history of the company

The history of Solver could be a chapter from the manual of new history in section «Native machine building». This chapter begins from lumpy and ambiguous nineties. Just at that time in 1993 Solver engineering was created.

1993. SOLVER

While all over the country machine building enterprises were coming apart in fact or at the best were dragging out miserable existence, some people did not follow circumstances but chose favourite occupation.

Small group of like-minded people founded Solver and offered enterprises powerful intellectual product which allowed them not only survive in that difficult times but perform afterwards a big jump in their development.

In spite of pessimistic forecast of sceptics Solver took strong rank in Russian machine building industry.

From the beginning

10 specialists headed by Mr. Radislav Birbraer, later unchallenged leader of the company, rented in Voronezh a small room of 20 square meters, put computers and begun from CAD/CAM.

Solver experienced engineering team was already well known that is why the first customers were Gorkovskiy automobile plant and plant named after Degtiyarev and some other enterprises.

Since 1995 Solver has been supplying Pro/ENGINEER and dealing with implementation of R3 management system of SAP company. It is significant that R3 is still «number one system» in the world. Now it is implemented by almost all oil-gas and energetic companies of Russia but Solver was offering R3 to enterprises back at that time.

Engineering consulting birth

In succeeding years Solver continued to create and improve intellectual product for Russian machine building which still was in on the decline. At the end of 1998 the situation became more or less better. And if in the beginning our specialists were responsible for some industrial components for example, machines, work automation of designer and application engineer, IT in the area of plant management, by that time the situation changed. We shared responsibility for the result with our partners and we began to say our customers: «With the help of this components as tooling we will increase your business capacity, we will do your products more competitive and we will help to decrease expenses». Such complex approach to technical and economical side of business problems of machine building enterprise allowed to create new product of international level - engineering consulting.

Entering into the third millennium

By new millennium Solver already had 30 completed industrial projects. The product range of offered equipment and software enlarged greatly. Also increased number of specialists – there were already 50 of them. The representative office was opened, later in Moscow was opened Technical center, in 2003 modern Project center was built in Voronezh.

Solver today

By 15 anniversary Solver approached with new success. More than 540 industrial projects were completed and also more than 445 automated workplaces of designers and application engineers and 670 units of equipment were implemented by our company.

More than 250 specialists work in the company. Apart form Project center in Voronezh and Technical center in Moscow company structure includes regional representative offices in Nizhniy Novgorod and Togliatti.

We help machine building plants to build Intelligent production on basis of progressive technologies, equipment, software and tooling form the leading foreign manufacturers.

Our customers are leading machine building enterprises which are trying to output competitive products more efficiently. And Solver company helps enterprises on this way. Our history teaches us that only together building Intelligent production we can build strong industrial country.