SOLVER Engineering Company
Competence and experience

SOLVER – Russian Engineering and Consulting Company – was established in 1993. The number of employees is 300 people.

SOLVER Company has unique competence in realization of machine building enterprises re-equipment programs based on implementation of innovative manufacturing, managerial and information technologies as well as in creation of an organizational structure providing manufacturing of competitive products.

SOLVER competence is concentrated in 4 directions in accordance with 4 level business model used in engineering consulting:

1-st level. Production. Production control

2-nd level. Preproduction. Data management

3-rd level. Accounting and planning. Business processes management

4-th level. Strategy and marketing. Competitiveness management

1. Production

SOLVER company supplies and implements modern equipment, accessories as well as fixtures and tools produced by world leaders of corresponding industries. This allows customer companies transfer to the new level of base technologies and increase competitiveness of their products. At present time SOLVER realized more than 100 programs of technical re-equipment of Russian machine building enterprises and delivered around 800 units of technological equipment within this programs.

Solver fundamental difference from numerous equipment suppliers is full responsibility for rapid and effective commissioning of complex design solutions. This allows enterprises to exclude the risk of ineffective investments into technical re-equipment. Optimality of solutions offered for implementation is proved with mathematical simulation of production processes (processing flows) with the help of contemporary bundled software, and in complicated cases it is proved with manufacturing of pilot samples with the help of the equipment in the training and production centre of SOLVER.

Технический центр Солвер

SOLVER supplies, adjusts by creating principally new standards base and implements into existing production processes the complexes of equipment relating to the following technological conversions:

  • nesting, bending, stamping including processes of sheet machining
  • mechanical processing of any size parts including multiaxis edge cutting machining and grinding
  • automated manual and mechanical placement of multilayer composite materials
  • digital production of parts from plastics without manufacturing of tooling
  • thermal treatment
  • galvanical processes
  • automated welding including friction stir welding
  • assembling with the help of automated tooling including riveting assembling
  • measuring and control of outside and inside part geometry

During commissioning the following kinds of works of production processes are unified:

  • control program debug for manufacturing of parts batch
  • equipment readjustment from one part batch to another
  • preparation and finishing operations, part loading and unloading
  • part manufacturing on a machine

2. Preproduction

In regard to preproduction SOLVER offers consulting, executes engineering, supplies and implements modern development environment and technical preproduction of technically complicated parts. This provides customer enterprise with rapid transfer to manufacturing of competitive products. Up to now SOLVER has created more than 1000 work places for engineering and design preproduction.

Solver fundamental difference from common suppliers of software is complex design solutions covering all processes of part and part production methods. Solutions offered for implementation are accompanying with preparation and qualification development of enterprise specialist in the training and production centre of SOLVER.

Станки у заказчика

SOLVER offers consulting, executes engineering and supplies modern development environment for the following:

  • engineering and design development management
  • equipping of engineering-design and management departments with automated work places
  • automated preproduction of multilayer composite material placement
  • part data electronic document management (3D models, design documentation, specifications, records, office and reference documents) and their synchronization with production processes data
  • changes management during engineering and design preproduction
  • control program development for machining centers with high level of automation including high efficiency multispindle and multitool machining
  • control program development for accessories including measuring systems used during high accuracy machining with dynamic dimensions offset
  • automation of business processes of planning-dispatching departments

During engineering and design preproduction SOLVER unifies the following kinds of works:

  • 3D models development
  • development of technological process of manufacturing
  • tooling development
  • special cutting tool development
  • control program development
  • calculation of tool wear standards

3. Accounting and planning

In regard to accounting and planning SOLVER offers consulting in cooperation with the following leading USA consulting companies: “Global Service Organization” and “Goldratt Consulting”.

SOLVER offers consulting concerning planning of the following directions:

  • methodology of new parts development “Gates of quality”
  • description and re-engineering of business processes of engineering and design development management
  • development of organizational structure model of engineering and design departments of enterprises and its implementation
  • planning and control of design work execution according to Critical chain methodology also in multiproject environment
  • methodology of accounting and planning of turnkey and make-to-stock productions based on principles of the Theory of Constraints
  • development and management of business processes of planning-dispatching departments for provision of smooth work of assembling operations
  • development and management of business processes of delivery departments for provision of smooth operation of production departments
  • development of organizational structure model of delivery departments and its implementation
  • production organization based on “Lean production” means and “Quality management system”

4. Strategy and marketing.

Strategy and marketing offered by SOLVER includes consulting in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign consultants.

SOLVER offers consulting services concerning the following directions:

  • development of enterprise production strategy based on accepted marketing strategy
  • methodology of enterprise technical re-equipment, development of technical re-equipment program
  • methodology of production structure strategic management, planning of development of production capacity, staff, and management system
  • development of management accounts and control indices as a base of guidelines for making of decisions on all management levels
  • development of balanced system of production and finance indicators, managers and staff motivation system

SOLVER Competence allows production enterprises to receive effective help in concern of substantiation, planning and realization of technical re-equipment program in accordance with chosen strategy of development.

At the stage of solution selection customer enterprise gets complete idea about what complex of equipment, fixtures, tools, software and hardware is necessary to solve set production task as well as get an idea about reduction of production time and cost, and increase of enterprise benefit.

At the stage of solution realization customer enterprise receive real help in management of equipment commissioning processes, staff retraining and certification, business-processes re-engineering and finally achievement of planned production and finance targets.