Our Partners

Goldratt Consulting, Great Britain
TOC-based production management implementation and consulting support
Inherent Simplicity, Israel
Supporting software for TOC-based production management
Inherent Simplicity

Product Lifecycle Management software (Creo, Windchill) solutions and methods

NC program error detecting and optimizing software (Vericut)
NC program for automatic programming of control programs for tool production
PartMaker, USA
Computer-aided manufacturing software
DP Technology, USA
NC program for automatic programming of control programs (Esprit)
DP Technology Corp.
CAMPlete Solution, Canada
Visualization and checking of NC programs
Vistagy, USA
NC program for designing and production preparation of parts from composite materials (FiberSim)
Manufacturing Process Management software
Stratasys, USA
3D printers and rapid prototyping systems

Amada Machine Tools, Japan
Lathes and turn-mill centers. Grinding machines
Amada Machine Tools
Century Design, USA
Composite and prepreg machinery
Citizen, Japan
Swiss type lathes
Gleason, Germany - Switzerland
Hobbing machines
Hamai, Japan
Hobbing machines
Hardinge, USA
Lathes and turning centers. Vertical and horizontal machining centers
Kitamura, Japan
Vertical and horizontal machining centers
Kuraki, Japan
Horizontal milling-and-boring centers
Horizontal milling-and-boring centers Kuraki
Loiretech Engineering, France
Industrialisation of composite, thermoplastic & sheet metal parts
MATEC, Germany
CNC machining centers, gantry machines, mill/turn centers
Nakamura-Tome, Japan
Multitasking turn-mill centers and lathes
Pfiffner, Switzerland
Multispindle machines with rotary table
Romi, Brasil
Lathes and centers
Unior, Slovenia
Special purpose machine tools. Deep boring machines. Flexible processing modules
You Ji, Taiwan
Vertical Lathes

Chi Ning, Taiwan
Cold-heading machines
Chin Fong, Taiwan
Mechanical press
Favor Laser, Taiwan
CNC laser cutting machines
ProArc, Taiwan
CNC plasma and flame cutting machines
Tailift, Taiwan
CNC turret punch presses
Wetori, Taiwan
Hydraulic presses, Hydroforming presses
Yeh Chiun, Taiwan
Hydraulic press brakes. Hydraulic and swing-beam shears

Algra, Italy
Tooling systems for lathes
Colibri Spindles, Israel
High-speed coolant driven spindles under SpinJet and Typhoon trademarks
Elbo Controlli, Italy
Tool Pre-setters

Heimatec, Germany
Tooling systems for lathes

IEMCA, Italy
Automatic barfeeders for lathes
LNS, Switzerland
Automatic barfeeders for lathes
Nikken, Japan
Tooling Systems for milling machines, rotary tables
Samsys, Switzerland
Automatic barfeeders for lathes
Vischer&Bolli, Switzerland
High performance tools and clamping devices
Vischer&Bolli AG, Switzerland

Belfingroup, Russia
Robotized technologies, delivery and integration of robots

Guhring, Germany
Cutting tools
Cutting tools Guhring
Schlenker, Germany
Clamping tool

SECO, Sweden
Cutting tools and tooling
Utilis, Switzerland
Cutting tools for swiss type machines