The leaders

Радислав Бирбраер

Radislav Birbraer
Doctor of Science,
Honored inventor of Russia,
Chief Designer of SOLVER

Modern political scientists assert that in global economy, imagery of which we can see today more clearly, world masters will the be owners and top managers of those companies which manufacture machines but not extract oil. We must be prepared for strong competition in native machine building. The end of this fight will be defined by foresight, extend of responsibility and to a great extent by the talent of top managers and machine building companies owners to take the idea of Intelligent production as the key idea of competitive production which provides an output of high quality production within limited time and with minimal expenses. The mission of Solver is to create such Intelligent production at Russian enterprises.

World-wide statistic shows that up to 90% of production cycle time in machine building is spent for "waiting" of material flow in technological queues. May Solver ignore such condition if its mission is to create Intelligent production? Of course not. New progressive design and production technologies plus effective management of design and production are the key to the world of “intelligent” production and Solver holds this key in its arms.


Фарик Багиров

Farik Baguirov
on strategic financing and investment

The principal difference of Solver company from numerous equipment suppliers is the system and complex approach to customers. The methodology of "Three projects" which we use allows decreasing of industrial expenses, reducing lead time and increasing of quality at machine building enterprises. Solver has necessary experience, infrastructure and resources to meet these challenges.

By Solver initiative and with support of Ministry of Industry and Energy of Russian Federation and Chamber of Commerce and Industry annual Machine-tool building Congress of Russia is held starting from 2006. The leaders and top managers of the biggest machine building enterprises of our country, scientists, specialists of leading foreigner machine-tool building companies take place in this Machine-tool building Congress.

Thus, solving existing industrial and organizational problems of domestic enterprises, creating Intelligent production we build strong Russia.