New department of Solver «Systems of Production Navigation Control»

A new department called «Systems of Production Navigation Control» is created in Solver structure. The new department's main mission is handling the tasks of the implementation of Naviman CAD-system- our company's recent innovative development - at machine-building enterprises.

Naviman's primary purpose is to provide the required operational and analytical data about the efficiency of using the workshop's production resources, and also about the execution state оf orders in production. This ensures timely and effective management decision making.

«We kicked off a completely new process in production management sector. Application of Naviman guarantees the exponential growth of workforce productivity, as well as many-fold reduction in new machines purchase amount. This is a completely domestic product, which will dramatically increase the potential of our industrial enterprises, especially in today's circumstances of import substitution», - Farkhat Baguirov, CEO of SOLVER Group on strategic financing and investment, points out.

Naviman is a soft & hardware solution which enables to control both manufacturing equipment operation and production personnel. Besides, the system provides the machine operators with the navigation control function, which manages their activities on production tasks performance in accordance with the technological process and regulations. Thus, they know what should be done, in what sequence and how much time this should take. The operator is capable of self-monitoring by means of Naviman's informative timescale and can easily synchronize his actions with the whole workshop's activities, thus keeping to the production schedule.

Besides, Naviman provides the regulatory norms of realistic manufacturing processes, as well as the expert knowledge on their execution. This allows training new specialists quickly and efficiently in order to enable their soonest introduction into the enterprise's production operation.

The new department is held responsible for marketing, analysis and estimate estimation of possible application of this progressive system at the Russian manufacturing enterprises, and also for the system's implementation and maintenance.

You are kindly asked to address all the questions involving Naviman complex, its purpose and application experience to Alexey Chumakov, the Director of Department "Systems of Production Navigation Control", Deputy Director on Project Management (e-mail: ).

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