Open Russian national Competition - «Solver» Recruiting agency of production modernization on mechanical engineering» for students of colleges, technical schools and universities

Open Russian national competition on mechanical engineering for students of colleges, technical schools and universities was held on 17-18 October 2013 on the basis of Solver Recruiting agency of production modernization. The key goal of the event was to improve quality of specialists’ training, to raise students’ interest within chosen profession, to find talented youth and to create recruiting resources for machine-building enterprises. It has to be outlined that, probably, it is the first event of such format and scale held in Voronezh region.

First day of Competition

Excursion on production area

Second day of Competition

Participants and coordinators
of Competition

Among the participants of the competition were educational institutions situated in Voronezh (Voronezh state technical university, Voronezh aviation technical school, Natural-technical school), Orel (State University-ESPC), Kursk (Southwest State University) and Bryansk (Bryansk state technical university). Among the directions of the competition were: development of technological process for machine parts production; NC programming; 3D modeling and CAD drawings, 3D modeling in CREO CAD/CAM. According to the results of qualifying round nearly 40 people reached the final tour.

Works’ assessment allowed to figure out the level of basic knowledge in different universities and regions. During this event teachers and students who came to the competition were presented with information about Solver Company and demonstration of production area. The format of the event allowed to find new approach for creating personnel resource of enterprise, to attract interest to cooperation with Solver and open new prospects of work.

Following the results of the competition the winners were awarded with participants’ certificates and prizes: laptops, tablet computers, e-books and memory cards. The main prize (laptop) has been won by Alexander Kozlenkov – participant from Bryansk who scored maximum points within all directions. The participant has also been presented with special prize from РТС Company on CREO simulation– tablet computer iPad. It is noteworthy that other participants from Bryansk took prize places as well. According to professors, such qualification has been achieved due to creation of target training center few years ago. The center is similar to the one in Recruiting agency of production modernization. This fact undoubtedly confirms the necessity of further opening of regional production and training areas and Solver cooperation with leading state mechanical engineering universities.

The results of the competition will be released soon in “Training” page at Solver website: under the head «Events»,

Winners of Competition


1 place – Nikolai A. Khizhnyak (Kursk)
2 place – Alexander N. Kozlenkov (Bryansk)
3 place - Dmitri S. Gridin (Kursk)
3 place – Anton S. Ukraintsev (Kursk)

«Process engineering design»:

1 place – Roman N. Koliyanov (Voronezh)
2 place - Alexander N. Kozlenkov (Bryansk)
3 place – Kirill A. Kotenko (Bryansk)

«NC programming»:

1 place – Sergey I. Dochkin (Voronezh)
2 place - Kirill A. Kotenko (Bryansk)
3 place – Sergey A. Kolesnikov (Voronezh)

«CREO simulation»:

1 place - Alexander N. Kozlenkov (Bryansk)
2 place – Dmitri V. Orekhov (Bryansk)
3 place – Denis A. Shuvaev (Kursk)

According to the responses of Universities’ representatives and Solver specialists, such events open new prospects to new opportunities within personnel resources development and effectiveness improvement of Russian manufacturing enterprises. It seems probable that such events are to be held in Solver in the future.

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