Read in the 20th issue of «Intelligent production»

The 20th issue of «Intelligent production» has come out. Traditionally Solver used to publish a number of articles in the magazine.

The article «Solving the problem of labor force deficit as an objection and a result of projects for technical re-equipment of defense industry complex enterprises » touches on the burning issue of modern manufacturing – lack of technical specialists. The author of the article, Vladimir Beltsov, states his opinion of the problem in line with Solver company experience.

According to his point of view, an intention of heads of numerous leading defense enterprises and representatives of field-oriented ministries to resolve the personnel problem via coping soviet and post-soviet experience, that implies fostering graduation of specialists and taking measures for their «consolidation» on a facility, is foresightedly and ineffective. Strategically, it would be more rational to fundamentally automatize and robotize production within integrated projects of technical re-equipment. It will allow enterprises not only boost goods output of higher quality and with less costs, but decrease labor demand as well, while promoting their status and salary, and, therefore, address notorious and often dramatized by mass media issue of “personnel scarcity”.

Our young specialist, application engineer Vladimir Ezhelenko, who permanently publishes his articles in the magazine, in December issue of “Intelligent production” offers brief review of problems and present situation of robotic application at Russian enterprises. He expresses his opinion upon the possible ways of tackling the problem outlining the ones which, from his perspective, have to be mostly stressed. His view is underpinned by experience obtained during robots implementation at “Aviadvigatel” facility.

While getting more and more accessible, technology of rapid prototyping is becoming an indispensable part of our life. Pundits claim that just in a few years 3D-printers will become common household appliances such as telephone, microwave or vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile our expert Dmitry Trubashevsky in his article warns potential users about possible disappointment of making a choice of devices considering only price criteria. He advises to pay more attention to service, location of local stock, reputation of distributor and its experience at market that usually depends on time engaged in this field of business.

The last page of magazine is entitled with slogan under which Solver will welcome its visitors at exhibitions this year – «Intelligent production paves the way to the future».

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