«Solver» is a participant of the second symposium on metal deformation process technology

Second symposium on metal deformation process technology “application of molding machines in practice” will be held on May 28, 2013 as a part of “Metalloobrabotka - 2013” exhibition.

Solver together with a Swiss company Pfiffner will presentthe project of part production modernization for oil industry at AZNO (Actobe city, Republic of Kazakhstan).


The purpose of the presented project is to achieve the world level quality production, increase production capacity and meet demand on oil industry parts up to 500 000 parts per year.

The production is basedon PFIFFNER HYDROMAT HB 45/12 transfer machine.

This project is distinguished by that fact that during realization by Solver and Pfiffner team an unusual solution was developed and applied, i.e.the usage of standard work stations produced by Pfiffner together with linear system of transfer, orientation and holding of the part.

This technological solution is being successfully fulfilled now.

HYDROMAT HB 45/12 machine and ENDOMAT automated line for end-processing of rods are in the final stage of their production. The implementation of this equipment is scheduled for September 2013.

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