Software for Dynamic Publishing

Easy access to the highest quality information is essential to your organization's financial success and its ability to satisfy customer demands. Relying on traditional publishing software to meet your business information needs can be costly and error prone. Traditional publishing software contributes to inconstancies in the sequence and structure of information and forces redundant processes and multiple manual document updates. Too often, bottlenecks in the publication-development process cause product launch delays and force organizations to release incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information, which ultimately results in lost market opportunity, high service costs, and low customer satisfaction.

Arbortext streamlines and automates your information publishing process and eliminates costly inefficiencies. Leveraging XML authoring, technical illustration creation, content and process management, and dynamic publishing capabilities of Arbortext, you can improve your publishing processes and help your organization gain significant competitive advantage and lasting differentiation.


  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality personalized documentation that's accurate, consistent, and relevant
  • Reduce costs by dynamically publishing your business information to all for-mats - print and electronic - from a single source of content
  • Eliminate redundant work by stream-lining authoring, technical illustration design, translation, review, and publishing processes
  • Increase workforce efficiency by sup-plying your service and manufacturing organizations with real-time, customized instructions with embedded interactive graphics for all required procedures
  • Speed the compliance process by enabling faster, more complete documentation, accurate document track-ing, and automated document work-flow
  • Deliver products to market faster by developing documentation concurrently with product designs
  • Automated documentation acquisition in different formats
  • XML-documents creation by the component layout
  • The opportunity for users involved in documentation creation and its development to work together

Arbortext Modules

Arbortext Editor

Is designed for creation and edition of publications contents part in *.XML and *.SGML formats. The editor secures the subsequent edition of the information in various formats. Its interface is similar to that of other text editors.

Arbortext Content Manager

Being a constituent part of a PTC Dynamic Publishing System, it Is designed for documents content management. It allows using the common information source, secures the system components management at every level, monitors how these components are connected and gives the opportunity to set up the system configuration. All this enables the enterprise to optimize the processes of publications preparation and release by its own means.

Arbortext Styler

Provides the quick creation and modification of style tables for conversion of XML-documents content into different data formats.

Arbortext Publishing Engine

Picks out XML and SGML documents' conceptual part from the file system and content managing system, changes it in accordance with the published information individual requirements, and published it in various formats like Web, PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML Help, etc.

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher

Allows the publication author to arrange complex structure documents of various designs in groups automatically and then to proofread them manually.

Arbortext Digital Media Publisher

Enables the user to prepare the files and directories for publishing in different digital formats.

Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation

Provides all the necessary tools for high-quality technical illustrations in axonometric or direct perspective and allows saving them in the format needed.

Arbortext IsoDraw CADprocess

Makes it possible to supply Arbortext IsoDraw Foundation module features with the ability to create illustrations on the basis of available 3D models.

Arbortext IsoView

This program package for graphical information review enables the user to view the technical illustrations of IsoDraw origin on-line.

Arbortext IsoCompose

Grants an enterprise of any level the ability to create illustrated online catalogues of items and spare parts quickly and efficiently. It also allows maintaining their relevant status.