Software for Automation of Mathematical Calculation

Mathcad software complex is an integral part of the United product development system (PDS) issued by PTC company, which grants user a wide tool kit to accomplish various mathematical and technical calculations.

Mathcad features

  • Method arranging formulas and expressions which is traditional for mathematical literature;
  • Performance of various numerical and symbolic operations:
    • evaluation;
    • execution of algebraic operations including the consideration of measurement units;
    • solution of different types of equations, including differential, integral and others
  • Usage of extensive library of built-in mathematical functions;
  • Presence of tools for creating diagrams of various types;
  • Creation tools for text comments and drawing up reports;
  • Technical reference tables;
  • Electronic books containing references and examples of system usage on different divisions of mathematics, mechanics, physics, electrical and radio engineering;
  • Integration with Pro/ENGINEER. The user can create geometry in Pro/ENGI-NEER basing on the results of calculation accomplished in Mathcad, or, on the contrary, use the Pro/ENGI-NEER parameters in Mathcad. The combined usage of Pro/ENGINEER and Mathcad gives the user the unique opportunity to search for the optimal technical solutions;
  • Integration with other mathematical and graphical systems.

Modules, extending the features of Mathcad

Data Analysis Extension Pack
Import, sorting, statistical data manip-ulation.

Signal Processing Extension Pack
Set of functions for signal processing.

Image Processing Extension Pack
Set of functions for mathematical image processing field.

Wavelets Extension Pack
Mathematical processing of impulse functions and signals.

Solving and Optimization Extension Pack
Optimization of solutions, linear and quadratic programming.

Civil Engineering Library
Formulas and calculation samples in the field of civil engineering.

Electrical Engineering Library
Calculation for electrical and wireless devices.

Mechanical Engineering Library
Formulas and calculation samples in the field of mechanics.



Mathcad 2


Mathcad 3