Software system for Production Tooling Automation

The Techcard software complex issued by INTERMEH company (Byelorussia Republic) is designed for automation of production tooling processes. Apart from the direct writing of engineering processes on different types of the accomplished work (which by itself takes approximately 30% of an engineer's time) the system is capable of providing access to any information at the devel-oped engineering processes.

Main features

  • workshop routing of the items manufacturing;
  • fixing and calculation of the material consumption rates;
  • computer-aided design of the product processing engineering and obtaining of the necessary set of documents in accordance with GOST, OST, STP;
  • calculation of the manufacturing laboriousness;
  • on-line inspection of the production tooling condition;
  • automation of work for the provision of the engineering process axillaries along with its development. At the same time the engineering documentation for the special axillaries is automatically connected with the engineer-ing process.

The software complex is operated under the control of the industrial data-base management systems such as Oracle/Interbase/MS SQL.