Software for NC programs checking and optimization

VERICUT software, developed by CGTech, one of the leading American Companies in production software development, allows you to preserve expensive equipment, production tooling and tools, reduce costs of NC programs for metal-working machinery development and highly increase its efficiency.


VERICUT software operates with NC programs regardless of software type they were created by. It allows checking them, taking into consideration specific features of CNC Systems and G-codes, simulating behavior of managing and parametric programming programs that are using macros and structural logic (cycles, conditional transfers, reference to system parameters).

Due to use of cross-platform JAVA, language VERICUT can be used at all computer platforms with all operational systems.

VERICUT has modular structure that allows users to buy only necessary functions with the ability to outfit it later.

Machines, Tooling and Cutting Tools Simulation

Software basis is VERICUT Verification solution that allows you to realize:

  • NC programs check for 3-axis (4- and 5-axis with Multi-Axis Solution) milling, turning, turn-mill, drilling and electrical discharge machining operations;
  • cutting tool and tool assemblies simulation. Creating personal or using VERICUT and Ingersol tool libraries, included in the package;

  • production tooling and blanks simulation (using samples – block, cone, cylinder, etc.) or import from CAD systems in STL and IGES formats;
  • measuring of stock thickness, volume, dimensions, angles, holes diameters, scallop height of the derivable surface during simulating machining;
  • machining analysis in chosen NC program segment with tool mechanical trajectory visualization in a separate window;
  • machining process recording (in interactive or automatic mode) in AVI, BMP, TIFF formats for the following analysis;

  • NC programs processing in batch mode that allows realizing large programs automatic check during off hours;
  • CNC program reverse conversion (G-codes) to APT format, that allows modifying previously created NC programs in order to use them on new equipment;

Machine Simulation solution allows you to realize realistic simulation of any CNC machine tool or its separate components, use ready-made models from the extensive library (including lots of machines of the most well-known suppliers), import models in IGES, STL and VERICUT formats.

Multiaxis and multitool machining simulation

Vericut 6.0 is capable of synchro-nization of up to 32 machining chan-nels, united in clusters - for example, Citizen M32 machine tool with Mitsubishi CNC, where 3 programs work synchronously, or Nakamura-Tome machine tools with Fanuc CNC (with 4 synchronous programs). Vericut easily realizes their operation simulation.

Several Operations in One Session

Vericut allows to check and set-up sev-eral operations in one session using "project tree". For each operation, you set up a CNC machine-tool configura-tion, fixing devices and a workpiece, and choose the cutting tool and NC program. These settings can be made in another CAD/CAM system with the use of the interface offered by CGTech.

NC Programs Analysis

AUTO-DIFF solution realizes the check and comparison of simulated model and designer's mathematical model. It also performs the check and analysis of the selected processed parts. Gouging check can be realized at any stage of simulating machining. If check accuracy is specified, you can find the gouging or excess stock location with indication of those blocks where a deviation took place, and the deviation size. This allows analyzing machining results and making necessary changes in the NC program before it is passed to the workshop. Vericut 6.0 real-izes continuous gouging check much faster, easier and more precisely and requires less memory than earlier soft-ware editions do.

Vericut 6.0 determines incorrect tool and spindle settings (before they are detected during the NC program instal-lation in the machine-tool), among which are the following: turning insert shift with relation to rotation center; drill location outside the drilling axis; wrong workpiece rotation direction; milling spindle does not rotate, rotates in the wrong direction or exceeds the permissible rotation speed; measuring stylus does not touch the measuring point, etc.

NC Programs Optimization

OptiPath solution allows realizing the best feed rate automatic selection in accordance with the cutting conditions and removed material quantity (the more is the quantity, the less is the feed rate, and vice versa). The solution takes into account such factors like:

  • machine tool specifications (machine driven power, maximum rotation speed, rapid feedrates, etc);
  • cutting tool specifications (type, material, design, quantity, number of teeth, length, etc.);
  • types of machining (roughing, semi-finishing and finishing) and corresponding cutting conditions (cutting depth, entry feed rate, volume of removed material, cutting width, cut-ting angle, etc.);
  • experience of CNC machine-tool operators, based on solving particular machining problems.

Feed rate range, spindle RPM and minimum RPM changing step is specified by the user. NC programs optimization in Vericut allows improving noticeably work surfaces quality, reducing machine-tools and cutting tools deterioration and decreasing material consumption. After NC programs optimization machine-tools operate more efficiently - production time is reduced by 30-50%.

The OptiPath solution in Vericut 6.0 has become more user-friendly, owing to Tools Manager modifications, where the data for OptiPath solution is kept now. This not only makes the access eas-er, but also allows several cutting tools to refer to the same solution record.

Die Sinking Simulation

Using the models, acquired by simulating NC program of making electrodes, as electrodes, you can get the accurate model of machined part, which you would get in reality, with full visualiza-tion of the process of removing material volume.

Interaction with CAD/CAM Systems

Vericut is efficient together with Pro/ENGINEER: this allows using capabil-ities of both software complexes to the fullest extent. Vericut can be directly called from Pro/Engineer menu and you can work with it either interactively or in the mode of batch processing of NC pro-gram files.

Tools descriptions, machining pro-gram, design model and workpiece model are automatically transferred from Pro/Engineer to Vericut. You can realize NC programs check without interrupting of work in Pro/Engineer. Besides, in CAD/CAM Interfaces Solution of Vericut software the follow-ing interfaces are provided: CAD/CAM CATIA 4.0 and 5.0, UNIGRAPHICS, WORKNC, MASTERCAM, EdgeCAM, as well as import /export of STEP and ACIS.

From NC Program to CAD/CAM model

Vericut allows getting 3D models in CAD/CAM systems formats on the basis of NC programs, developed according to parts drawings. These models can be completed, if necessary, later. Then, according to these models, NC programs for improved products manufacturing can be worked out. In the cases when a part is processed on different types of equipment and machine tool models, model export (by means of Export Model solution) for various transfers and oper-ations allows to avoid empiric presenta-tion of machining results and can be used for further engineering process optimization.

Qualified Specialists Training

NC programs development specialists training will be incomplete without prac-tice on the real metal-working equip-ment. Creating realistic computer models of the machines in Vericut and finalizing NC program operating on them is a great opportunity for training skilled specialists without using production equipment. And breakages, which are inevitable while training, will be happening only to "virtual" machine-tools and will be "virtu-al" themselves!

ELARA Science and Production Corporation (Cheboksary), Arzamass device-building Plant (Arzamass), Fazotron-NIIR Corporation (Moscow), "Avtopribor" Vladimir Plant (Vladimir), "Component" (Zelenograd), "Burintech ” (Ufa), etc.

Entrust Vericut software with the important and laborious work on NC programs checking and optimization!