High Quality Machines and Tools provide High-Quality Products Output.

To produce a part of a certain accuracy class you should use tools a class higher.

In order to realize successful business in modern market conditions, the enterprise should be able to react fast to market production requirements by producing high quality products. These abilities to a great extent are defined by the level of production equipment and tools.

Many Russian machine-building enterprises are facing the challenge of replacing their old equipment that do not meet the modern requirements by efficient multifunctional equipment providing high productivity and machining accuracy under pressure conditions.

SOLVER Company has accumulated high level of expertise in introduction of advanced manufacturing technologies, equipment and tools at machine building companies. This allowed our customers to ensure high quality at every production stage and to raise competitive edge of their products. To make your business a success we offer delivery, installation and service of modern advanced machining and measurement equipment together with adequate tools from the leading world producers. The product line offered by us, practically completely meets demands of machine building companies in metal-working. In this part of catalogue you may find information about delivered equipment, tooling and tools.