Tailift sheet-stamping center


Sheet-stamping Presses

Parts made from sheet metal (flat, shaped or welded) quite often are the alternative to parts made out of metals and plastics. One of the leading producers of CNC turret punch presses is the company Tai l i f t (Taiwan). Equipment of this company is successfully in operation at manufacturing plants in Germany, Holland, Taiwan, Turkey, China, and other industrially developed countries. It was one of the first to undergo certification according to standard ISO 9002.

Application Areas

Tailift presses make possible to punch holes, bead rims, shallow bending and draw-forming as well as marking, etc. They can be used for production of various items such as control panels, distribution boxes, sheet meal furniture, piano hinges and so on.

Coordinate Table

  • High travel speed and positioning accuracy
  • Brush and ball type supports to provide an easy sheet blank movement across a table surface
  • Pneumatic clamping of the sheet blank for reliable and safe operation


  • 36 or 40 auto index stations where 2 of them with rotary tools capable to change its orientation in a horizontal plane (for example, when making holes in a daisy like pattern)
  • Long service life and user-friendly service due to application of hardened and precision ground steel bushings that are easy to replace.
  • One can use special stamping tools, for example, for shallow drawing, production of piano hinges, etc

Guideways and Ball Screws

  • STAR (Germany) reinforced ball screws and TNK (Germany) precision linear guideways guarantee high precision of the fulfilled operations,reliable operation and long press service life.
  • AC servo drives do not require maintenance

Combined Break-coupling

  • Orthlinghaus (Germany) hydraulic brake-coupling
  • Long service life of friction discs due to application of the oil bath

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • H+L (Germany) servo ram
  • Automatic hydraulic system unloading (pressure drop at a ram stop) for energy saving
  • Built-in chiller to provide continuous punching power CNC System
  • Fanuc 0-PC or Fanuc 18-PC
  • Interactive data input helps to operate a press even by inexperienced worker
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