Wetori presses


Wetori presses for making complex hollow parts by way of hydroforming

Hydroforming process is a progressive way of metals machining by pressure where cold plastic forming of hollow tube workpieces is provided by high hydrostatic liquid pressure, usually acting from inside of the workpiece. This method allows making high quality parts of complex shape, which are usually made either by welding from several components, or by casting or can not be manufactured at all.

Hydroforming advantages

  • This technology allows making light and strong parts of complex geometrical shape, saving source material, reducing finished part weight and increasing their operating performance.
  • Weight of parts received by way of hydroforming is 25_30% lower comparing with parts made by traditional technology.
  • During hydroforming process material becomes stronger by 70_80% and metal structure is not disturbed.
  • It is not necessary to make further welding and assembling operations. This simplifies the technological cycle, reduces labor expenditures and prime cost of part by approx. 30%
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • It is convenient to use hydroforming process to make exhaust gas withdrawal systems for cars. In this case high consumer appeal of parts is provided owing to smooth inside diameters.
  • Application of hydroforming process for frame constructions allows foreseeing inbuilt auxiliary and peripheral elements in the geometry of parts. According to traditional technology such elements can be made only with the help of welding of casting.
  • Using hydroforming process it is possible to control quality of parts designed for operation with inside pressure (pipeline elements, T joints and 4-way crosses) automatically during the manufacturing process: the parts are being tested with inside pressure which is much bigger then their working pressure.

Hydroforming presses by Wetori depending on application can have different force: from small press machines for making fittings or bushings to high capacity and big presses for automotive bodies and undercarriage components as well as for pressurised assembly and punching.

Wetori presses are effectively used in Germany, USA, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Malasia, China and other counties.

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