MATEC milling/turning centers

German machine-tool building company MATEC manufactures CNC milling and turning/milling centers. The creation of quite many of most advanced technologies and now-how in the field of machine-tool building is obliged to this company. MATEC makes both standard and customized machine-tools.

Choosing one of the basic machines it is possible to equip it with swivel, tilting or rotary working tables, 5-axis milling head or any other CNC controlled head, tools, linear drives and loading/unloading devices for workpieces and finished parts. Thus "intelligent" machine equipped with all necessary modules will respond specific requirements of each specific customer.

MATEC milling/turning centers are used in such fields of industry as machine_building (e.g. in production of printing, packing and textile equipment), tool manufacturing (e.g. mold and dies production), aircraft and medical industry, carriage engineering, production of hydraulic components and fittings, and metal constructions. These machines are also applied in technologies of solid milling.

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