Amada grinding machines

AMADA is a world market leader for optical profile grinding and high precision surface and profile grinding.

With the combination of the extensive technologies from Wasino, Petewe, Doebeli and Profiltec all under the ownership of AMADA, we will lead profile grinding into new dimensions:

  • With integrated measuring Technology – Winner of the Innovation Award
  • Maximum accuracy is optimised through use of the most modern construction/design
  • High-Speed for increased economy
  • Automation solutions for higher efficiency
  • Automatic swivelling grinding head during the grinding cycle
  • External programming software to optimise part production
  • Modular conception for the most economical specification
  • High precision surface and profile grinding of larger work pieces

For more than 70 years, AMADA has continuously proven the highest innovative impetus as the world market leader and has set new standards in machining high-precision components for tool and die and mold shops as well as for manufacturing in general.

Main features of AMADA grinding technology:

  • High accuracy due to uncompromising mechanical concept Designed to machine components made of steel, carbide and ceramics
  • Built-in measuring technology
  • Fast-stroke systems
  • Built-in automation solutions
  • Product overview of optical profile grinding machines

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