Unior special machines

Unior Company (Slovenia) produces special CNC machines to meet specific customer requirements. Modular design of the machines allows combining high degree of automation with productivity with huge range of processing parts. Unior special machines are used in automobile indus¬try (BMW, Ford, Mercedes, 5koda, and Volkswagen).

FPZ-250 flexible manufacturing module

  • Tool preparation time - not more than 1sec.
  • Without downtime during tool change
  • "Dry" machining is available with minimal coolant
  • 5 face machining
  • Machining accuracy does not depend on workpiece weight and tool
  • Automatic workpiece clamping
  • Universal clamping device
  • Low expenses for setting and mainte¬nance
  • Quick machine setting and start
  • Quick machine setting and start
  • Quick machine setting and start
  • Movement along X/Y/2 axis -600/1200/500 mm, С - 3600 (chuck type-HSK 100);
  • Tools amount - 3 (platforms) x 6 pes.

Machines with rotary table

  • For support processing
  • For hydraulic pump bearing cap pro¬cessing
  • For vacuum pump flange processing

Deep drilling machines

  • For crankshaft oil channel processing
  • For notched shaft processing
  • For injector jet nozzle processing
Deep drilling machines TBU 15 TBU 30 TBU 60
Holders type ELB ELB / BTA ELB / BTA
Drilling diameter, mm 2-15 6-30 16-65
Max. diameter drilled-out, mm 20 60 150
Max. depth drilled-out, mm 1000 2000 10000

Deep drilling machine KTBM

  • The machine is designed as universal and can be used for deep drilling of ELB or BTA types
  • Cubic and cylindrical workpiece pro¬cessing is available
  • High performance of cutting
  • High accuracy and good quality of processing surfaces
  • Rotary working table (B axis)
  • Cylindrical workpieces can be drilled with rotating tailstock

Special machines for face machining

  • For crankshaft machining
  • For distributing shaft machining
  • For tube faces machining

OCP R/M machining module

  • Universal machining centre of module construction
  • High machining accuracy
  • 4 axis machining
  • Working table with 14 (max..) points of hydraulic and pneumatic circuit connection
  • Stand-alone use or as a part of flexible machining system (up to 6 modules; for example, for machining of oil pans or fittings)
  • Possibility to use together with pallet conveyor

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