Denis Manturov, the Minister of Industry and Trade, met Radislav Birbraer, the Chief Designer of Solver, and Dmitriy Chernykh, the Chief Executive Officer of Galaktika Corporation

Denis Manturov, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, visited Solver's booth named "Intelligent Production- Russian content" right upon the official opening of the trade show Metalloobrabotka- 2016. He held a meeting with the company's Chief Designer Radislav Birbraer and the Chief Executive Officer of Galaktika Corporation Dmitriy Chernykh.

The 17th International specialized trade show «Equipment, Devices and Tools for Metalworking Industry» is one of the world's ten most important industrial expositions. This year over 900 exhibitors from 33 countries participated in the trade show.

The Minister D. Manturov made a point while opening the exhibition, that the machine-tool industry is currently undergoing rapid growth and technical renovation. The booth «Intelligent Manufacturing - Russian Content» made for a convincing illustration of this idea. Solver and its partners - Galaktika corporation and Intermech - introduced a domestic integrated IT-solution for machine-building enterprises: navigation control of production Naviman, end-to-end engineering and technological pre-production (IPS), as well as integrated enterprise management system (Galaktika).

When visiting the booth Mr.Denis Manturov and the First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade became familiar with the complex solution, which covers all the levels and aspects of IT-management of machine-building enterprises. Radislav Birbraer and Dmitriy Chernykh took on the duties of a guide for the Minister. Meanwhile, the heads of the Ministry discussed with them the prospects of import substitution in IT-sector. Besides, the leaders of the major machine-building corporations and enterprises' directors held their business meetings at the booth.

Solver has been working in domestic machine building business for 23 years. Our solutions have progressed from implementing the earliest CAD systems and single manufacturing technologies up to advanced industrial complexes. This evolution has led to the current comprehension of the importance of building highly-efficient production facilities. That is why we, in particular, will focus our efforts on implementing IT-tools for achieving exponential growth of workforce productivity. Our innovative development Naviman ranks among these IT-tools. This is a unique system of production navigation management, which controls both manufacturing equipment operation and production personnel. It allows to create absolutely realistic regulatory norms of production processes and to operate them real-time. Our Naviman, integrated with ERP-system Galaktika and with engineering and technological pre-production system IPS, will enable the required exponential growth of workforce productivity at machine-building enterprises.

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