Horizontal milling/boring machines KURAKI for large parts

Japan machines have been always highly rated in Russian factories. “Excellent quality”, “high machining accuracy”, “reliability and long term usage”, “thorough design and ease of maintenance” – these are the most widely used descriptions of Japan machines used by engineers.

Rigid bed and machining accuracy

High rigidity makes it possible to machine large and heavy parts with small tolerance and high machining quality.

Powerful spindle

  • Due to extended spindle head it can approach the work piece closely with minimum quill movement. This enables machining with heavy cutting conditions.
  • Dual precision bearings in the spindle design make it possible to use high cutting conditions, high speed and to achieve high machining accuracy.
  • Axial spindle movement (W axis) function is designed for efficient deep drilling and milling cycles.

Guideway and ball screw

  • Direct connection of the ball screws and drives significantly decreases backlash
  • Guideways are coated with heavy duty synthetic polymer. That can keep machining accuracy for a long time.
  • Pins for rigid and accurate rotation of the table with the pitch of 90°

Tool magazine

  • Magazine step rotation and stop function (optional) enables operator to check tool or tool change without stopping machining process
  • Separate magazine design can contain bigger weight and diameter to tools with no interference with machining accuracy.
  • 40 tools as a standard and 60, 90 or 120 as an option

CNC control

  • Pendant design improves machining area view
  • Impulse generator remote control
  • Spindle and work table orientation can be done by pressing a button

Chip and coolant removal

Combined with the bed chip conveyer is efficient for chip and coolant removal and brings filtered coolant back into the system.

Standard accessories

  • Worm type chip conveyer
  • Spindle chilling unit
  • Guide way protection with metal slide covers
  • Manual spindle speed control
  • Self-diagnosis function
  • Work table indexation of 0.001° (0.0001° as an option)
  • Glass scales (X, Y, Z), etc.

Optional accessories

  • Additional nozzles for coolant feed
  • Oil mist lubrication
  • Vertical milling accessories
  • Tapping function
  • Automatic tool length change

Special accessories (available upon request)

  • Main drive of bigger capacity
  • 22 kW for 11WA, 26 kW for 13A
  • Spindle through coolant
  • Increased stroke

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