Chin Fong Power Presses

S2 and S4 Presses Series

Mechanical S2 and S4 (two and four crankshaft single action presses can be efficiently used in automobile industry for manufacturing large body parts. For example, they are successfully used in the stamping production of the car manufacturer giant TOYOTA Motor Corp.

Presses are produced with a maximum power from 400 up to 3000 t.


  • Moving bolster for quick die changing
  • Automatic upper die clamping system with movable hydraulic clamps
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Automated loading of blanks and unloading of finished parts, etc.

OCP Presses Series

They are open back single crank УCФ frame presses designed for universal stamping applications such as drawing, forming, blanking, piercing, bending, marking, sizing, trimming, etc., both in a single stroke and continuous operation mode. Produced presses have a maximum power from 400 up to 3000 t.

G1 Presses Series

These presses are made on a basis of OCP presses and differ in a standard version be presence of various automation means, for example, blank loaders.

They are also equipped by die rapid change systems, optical sensors for operator protection inside a working zone, pneumatic cushions and anti vibration mounts.

Produced presses have a maximum power from 8 up to 200 t.


Presses can be supplied with various mechanical automation means driven by a press ram, for example, roller feeders, roller feeders with a servo drive, straightening feeders managed by a controller, robotic arm servo feeders, transfer feeders, pneumatically driven feeders installed on a press bed, magazine type loaders with a piece-by-piece blanks loading and so on.

HSD Presses Series

These rapid two-crankshaft presses with an upper drive are specially designed for production of electric motor stator and rotor plates made of up to 0.8 mm electro technical steel.

Produced presses have maximum power from 30 up to 300 t.


The complete silicon steel coil handling and feeding equipment is available, including:

  • Double barrel uncoiler with hydraulic coil expansion unit;
  • Straightener;
  • High-speed cam roll feeder driven by a cam indexing device and changeable gears for various feed pitches

STS Presses Series
(high speed version)

These machines with upper drive are ideally suitable for blanking from a band. The slide speed range at continuous operation mode is from 80 to 250 strokes/min.

Maximum power of presses is from 150 to 400 t.

STS Presses Series
(heavy duty version)

These heavy duty closed type presses are applied for blanking, drawing, trimming, piercing, forming of relatively thick metal parts for cars, motorcycles, furniture accessories (for example, brackets, guide rails and hinges) and other items.

Maximum power of presses is from 200 to 1000 t.


  • Crankshaft is driven either directly by a flywheel or through a gear box. This depends on a ram speed and a maximum press force in an upper dead point
  • Hydraulic release system at a ram seizure and its return to an upper dead point

G2 Presses Series

These single action two-crankshaft УCФ frame presses are used for standard stamping operations.

Main areas of application are production of electric motors housings, parts for automobile industry, for consumer devices, furniture panels, brackets, computer cases, frames for loudspeakers, bicycle chains, racks for audio and video equipment, power supplies, etc,.

Maximum presses power is from 110 to 250 t.

TF Presses Series

Such multi-position presses are the best choice for multi-step drawing operations when a fast changing of tooling is required at a mass production, for example in automobile industry or at production of electric motor cases.


Presses can be equipped with the following devices:

  • Pneumatic ejector of the finished parts for multistage dies
  • 2- or 3- axis mechanical transfer unit
  • Moving bolster can be installed for a quick tools changing
  • Fully automatic coil and sheet metal feeding system (magazines with blanks loosening)

KP/KT Presses Series

These presses are one of the best in the world among cold forming and drawing presses.

Presses KP are produced with a maximum capacity 250-2000 t, KT presses with a capacity 400-1000 t.


Presses can be equipped with the following devices:

  • All-purpose conveyer type loading device that delivers parts into a working zone
  • All-purpose gripping/loading device for blanks loading and finished parts unloading.

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