Pfiffner special machines with rotary table

Pflffner Company (Switzerland) produces flexible rotary transfer machines more than 25 years. Exclusive universality of Pfiffner machines allows users to solve different manufacturing problems of modern mass production.

The most varied machining units from the Hydromat® module system can produce parts form bars and from wire in coil (ø3-45 mm) and also with automatic bar feeders (max. 100x100x100 mm).

The principal advantages

  • Modular configuration of processing units
  • Unlimited amount of configurations
  • Individual design, adjustment for specific customer requirements
  • 3-axis machining controlled by CNC
  • Vertical and horizontal machining
  • The possibility of re-tooling for new production tasks
  • The highest productivity and machining precision among similar equipment of other manufacturers
  • Simultaneous parts machining on several positions (10-16): drilling, turning and milling, reaming and threading

A key illustration:

8 from the total 16 work stations on the HB 32/16.

Areas of application

Thanks to flexibility and universality Hydromat® machines can solve different tasks with highest precision and productivity.

  • Automobile industry
  • Electronics and telecommunications industry
  • Security systems
  • Instrument-making industry
  • Hardware and fixtures
  • Fittings
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
  • Gas and welding equipment


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