Nakamura-Tome Multitasking turn/mill centers

Nakamura Tome Industrial Co., Ltd was founded in 1949 and has become the world leading machine manufacturer. That is proved at international machine shows, where Nakamura Tome machines always become the center of attraction. Lots of modern machining methods and technological solutions which are now used in the newest machines all over the world were introduced by Nakamura Tome. Product quality, environment friendly production and safety at work are proved by BVQi international certificates.

Nakamura Tome produces a wide range of multitasking turning/milling machines. Less manual setup, maintenance and fewer accessories are needed due to high level of automation and technical equipment. One of these machines is a fifth generation turning/ milling center which is called Super NTX. Below you can find more detailed description of the machine.

Nakamura-Tome  company also makes a wide model range of simple and nevertheless perfectly equipped lathes among which there are machines with several spindles and turrets.

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