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Chi Ning Cold heading machines

Automatic presses made by Chi Ning (Taiwan) using advanced technologies which are utilized by the leading American and European industrial companies. Because Taiwan companies offer their products by low prices (due to their lowlabor costs), equipment produced by them is more attractive for the Russian companies with lower budgets.

Cold Forming Production is Profitable

Automated cold heading presses are widely used in a modern industry for production of screws, bolts, nuts (including special items), bushings, rollers, cartridges, etc., by a cold heading method. These presses have the following features:

  • High production rate (up to 350pcs/min for Chi Ning – F11B)
  • Low products cost
  • Labor output ratio is several times less compared with traditional machining methods using metal cutting equipment
  • Practically wasteless technology: material utilization factor up to 0,90-0,97
  • Easy equipment readjustment for changing from one part type to another
  • Economically sound minimum lot size of run-out production from 25 to 50,000 pieces (with equipment fully work loaded with production of similar parts)

Wide Range of Models

Wide-range of offered automatic presses allows to select the appropriate equipment in an optimum way keeping in mind their application and dimensions of the produced parts.

Complex Tooling

For comprehensive solutions of client needs at delivery of their equipment manufacturers offer additional tooling. Thus, the company Biing Feng can deliver by customer’s order a cold heading tooling: dies and punches, solid and combined hard alloy inserts for combined matrixes, cutting bushings, etc. The company Chi Ning specializing in a manufacture of automatic presses for production of various bolts and screws offers also nut-tapping machines.


For production of long parts*
(11 models)
For production of short parts**
(12 models)
Number of forging stations, pcs. 5 / 6 5 / 6
Max. diameter/length of workpieces, mm 11 ~ 41 / (25 ~ 80) 11 ~ 45 / (80 ~ 30)
Nominal forging power, t 54 ~ 500 60 ~ 80
Output, pcs./min. н. д. (350 ~ 65)

*- L of a blank 2D of a bar; **- L of a blank D of a bar. Figures in brackets concerning a length and output are given for reference.

Series FB
(7 models)
Series DB*
(4 models)
Series UB**
(4 models)
Number of forging stations, pcs.
3 ~ 4 3 ~ 4 3 ~ 4
Nominal forging power, t 20 ~ 320 40 ~ 160 40 ~ 180
Max. diameter of produced parts, mm M6 ~ M24 M8 ~ M16 M8 ~ M16
Max. length of produced parts, mm 50 ~ 250 125 ~ 300 200 ~ 380
Min. length of produced parts, mm 12 ~ 60 20 ~ 100 55 ~ 100
Output, pcs./min. 60 ~ 250 70 ~ 180 60 ~ 80

*- For long bolts production; **- For super long bolts production. Output rate depends on parts type and material (wire) used.


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