Partner news: Stratasys buys MakerBot

Stratasys Ltd. – the leader of production the systems of industrial and desk-type prototyping, opened up its plans regarding the buying of MakerBot company – prosperous manufacturer of desktop 3D-printers. Transaction amount is worth $ 403 million and has to be completed in the third quarter of 2013. Hence, MakerBot will become the separate Stratasys department, and its head and founder Bre Pettis will continue leading the company.

Since 2009 MakerBot has already implemented more than 22 000 of its 3D-printers via different retail networks. Among them is the most successful model - Replicator 2 - that has been sold in the amount of more than 11 000 pieces for the last nine months. This merger is expected to allow Stratasys to significantly speed up the growth ratio of its presence on the market of rapid prototyping technology, using the unique experience of MakerBot company for proposing the users simple and handy devices, materials and services of professional level.

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