Solver trains young specialists for machine-building enterprises

Solver offers machine-building enterprises to cooperate in order to train graduating students of Technical Universities for particular needs of production. The high level of training is provided with the help of the Training and Production Centre of Solver.

Taking into consideration lack of qualified engineers, Solver starts a new way of cooperation with machine-building enterprises. This cooperation aims to train graduating students for particular needs of customer-enterprises. Training is done in the form of probation in the Training and Production Centre of Solver. The following qualifications are offered: application engineer and programmer of CNC machines and mechanical and electronic engineer (service engineer). The program of probation includes principles of End-to-end Concurrent Design and Preproduction on the basis of modern software products, as well as practice in operation of high-tech metal-working equipment.

Solver has actively taken part in realization of technical re-equipment of Russian machine-building enterprises since 1993. Solver faces lack of qualified young specialists at many of these enterprises. Shortage of competent and perspective personnel increases period of development and integration of new parts into production, obstructs implementation of new technologies.

Present problems of professional technical education, including absence of modern technical basis at Universities, do not allow prepare specialists with necessary knowledge and skills to operate modern high-tech equipment. Besides, it is necessary to broaden and improve knowledge gained at Universities in practice. That is why graduating students have to gain additional adduction at working place in order to become real professionals. In real production, it can take a few years.

For several years Universities of Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kursk, Tver and Vladimir send their best graduating students to Solver for probation in order to improve their knowledge and provide them with skills.

The probation of future specialists in the Training and Production Centre is a complex, integrated, proven process. It begins from testing and selection of candidates and finishes with pilot research paper defence in Solver.

Based on this principle in December of 2011 a group of five-year students of Lipetsk State Technical University and Voronezh State Technical University was formed for probation in 2012. In accordance with the program of training, graduating students will have to study designing of parts, development of 3D models, creation of control programs as well as basis of engineering consulting. Operation of modern metal cutting equipment with CNC is important part of the probation. Thanks to it students gain knowledge how to develop control programs, choose cutting tools and cutting modes, use standard tooling and design special tooling. All practical works will be done on the equipment of world leading manufacturers, which are installed in the Training and Production Centre.

Solver cooperates with the State National Polytechnic University of Perm in respect of creation of High-Tech Machine Building Production Centre on the basis of the University in order to broaden activities for training of young engineers.

Thus actively taking part in training of young qualified specialists Solver contributes to modernization and technical re-equipment of machine-building enterprises of Russia.

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